ED2’s Board of Directors is made up of five elected Board Members from each of the five precincts within ED2’s Service Area.

The present Board Members are as follows:

Jake Roberts Chairman – Signal Peak

Jack K. Henness Vice-Chairman – Casa Grande

David Wuertz Secretary – Coolidge

Gene Anderson Treasurer – Florence

David Gladden Auditor – Selma

Board Member terms are three years.

Elections are held in January of each year.


Eligibility requirements for Board members and qualified voters are as follows:

a. Shall own and be a property tax payer of a minimum of five acres of land located within a precinct of the Disrict’s service area which is or may be beneficially served by the District.

b. Shall be a qualified elector of the State under the general election laws of the State of Arizona.

Board Meeting Agenda

The ED2 Board of Directors meeting occurs every Wednesday after the first Monday of the month unless otherwise posted. Agendas are posted by our office’s main entrance, to the right-hand side, 24 hours before every meeting.